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Flower trading is a great business, although flowers are delicate and perishable and their handling require a high level of Attention to Detail on our part.

Allow us to be your partner and issues like flower quality, freshness and price won’t be a headache for you. We will take full responsibility for the flower purchases directly from more than 100 farms in Ecuador. We also handle shipment, import documentation, quality control and direct delivery to your city.

You can be 100% confident that we will be able to fulfill your orders, even the most demanding ones. We will deliver impeccable quality fresh flowers at the lowest prices available.

You will receive great benefits by being our customer:

- We benefit from great discounts by the farms thanks to the high amount of orders we process. This means you will get high quality, non expensive roses.

- Our own quality control personnel will check and open every box before shipping, assuring satisfied clients.

- We deal with the Ecuadorian farms directly, no intermediaries are involved. In addition to getting better prices you will also benefit from the freshness of the roses. Orders are shipped straight to you, without stops at third party warehouses.

- For your convenience we can also get good stocks of other types of flowers, such as Carnations, Gypsophilias, Alstroemerias, Chrysanthemums, various tropical flowers, Sunflowers, Calla lilies, Irises.

- We provide all the logistics for you at no additional charge, including flight reservation, shipping documents, cargo agencies handling, etc.

- Our personnel speak English, Spanish and Russian.

- We take the opportunity to offer our clients special promotions, discounts and sales.

We look forward to become your partner.