About Us

Our main goal is to bring the Ecuadorian Roses recognized as the best of the world, to everyone around the globe.

We work with more than a 100 awarded flower farms, producers of the highest quality roses. These farms are our loyal partners and they continually provide us their flowers around the year, holidays included.

Our office is located in Quito, strategically close to all flower farms we work with (1 to 3 hours driving distance). This allows us to visit them frequently to supervise and guarantee the product quality, as well as availability.

Why should you work with DIVAFLOR?

Our WORK is our PASSION.. We develop individual work plans for each of our clients. Your plan is especially customized to fit your unique needs. We personally choose the best flower farms to deliver the best quality/price ratio for you.

One of the main advantages of working with us is that we directly deliver the flowers to your city. Thanks to the high amount of shipments we handle we have the lowest shipping fees in flights Ecuador-Amsterdam / Ecuador-USA-Canada, where cargo trucks carefully pick up the flowers to be delivered straight to the warehouse in the shortest time without intermediaries. Without breaking the cold chain at any moment we can guarantee the best price and freshness of the product. We also offer all the logistic services related to transportation at no extra charge.

For your convenience we are also able to arrange for any kind of flowers needed (Roses, Carnations, Alstroemerias, Lilies, Calla Lilies, Gerberas, Gypsophilas, Tulips, among others), originating from Ecuador, Colombia, Netherlands and Kenya.

Farms in Ecuador:.
Attar Roses (Аттар Розес)
Camptec (Камптэк)
Josarflor (Хосар Флор)
Terra Pasific (Терра Пацифик)
Bella Rosa (Белла Роза)
Alta Flor (Альта Флор)
Foxy Roses (Фокси)
Rosa Prima (Роза Прима)
Gardaexport ( Гарда Экспорт)
Naranjo Roses (Наранхо Розес)
Golden Land (Голден Ланд)
Hoja Verde (Оха Верде / Зеленый Лист)
Azaya Gardens (Азая Гарденс)
Florana (Флорана)
Agrorab (Агрораб)
Blanca Flowers (Бланка Флаверз)
Rosas del Corazón (Розас дель Корасон)
Dali Roses ( Дали Розас)
Ecoroses (Экоросес)
Edana (Эдана)
Fiorentina (Фьорентина)
Fiscella (Фиселла)
Florecal (Флорекаль)
Florequisa (Флорекиса)
Florisol (Флорисоль)
Galápagos (Галапагос)
Quito Inor Flowers (Кито Инор Флаверз)
Ingueza Roses (Ингуэза Розес)
Kav Fot (КавФот)
Life Flowers (Лайф Флаверз)
Marlen Roses (Марлен Розес)
Mulrosas (Мулрозас)
Mystic Flowers (Мистик Флаверз)
Natuflor (Натуфлор)
Star Roses (Стар Розес)
Olimpo (Олимпо)
Green Roses (Грин Розес)
Qualisa (Куалиса)
El Rosedal (Роседаль)
Royal Flowers (Рояль Флаверз)
Sacha Roses (Сача Розес)
Roseland (Розеланд)
SunRite (СанРайт)
Vintage (Винтаж)
And more!...

If you need another flower farm, please let us know to take contact ASAP!