How we work

- We require a minimum order of 1200 stems per week.

- We only work with prepaid orders. Once we receive the order we will deliver a pre-invoice for you.

- After payment confirmation we start the order processing. You can make a money wire to our Ecuadorian bank account, use Western Union, PayPal or similar.

- Your orders should be placed 3 days before the desired shipping date from Ecuador.

- First time orders need to be placed 5 days before the desired shipping date from Ecuador.

- The products will arrive to the Netherlands/USA the day after their shipment from Ecuador. Once arrived the products will go to precooling then delivered in refrigerated trucks directly to your city.

- The products and their transportation to Amsterdam/USA should be paid in advance.

- The custom charges and transportation from Amsterdam/USA to your city can be paid upon delivery.

- We can arrange deliveries by air from Ecuador to Miami, Los Angeles and others cities in US, also Ecuador to Moscow and Novosibirsk in Russia and to former Soviet Union countries.

- You can be confident you will receive the flowers in perfect condition without any logistic or transportation issues.

- Our Sales Department will be happy to answer your questions. All you need is to send your questions and requests to or fill out our contact form.